Do You Live in Crofton and Are Stressed Out?

Do You Live in Crofton and Are Stressed Out?

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Stress breaks us down and tires us out. It does this in large part by sucking out our oxygen. Decreasing stress in Crofton is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

Want more health and vitality? Reduce some stress. Simple idea, right? The stress of time limits, work, finances, and personal relationships is what we usually think about when we think of stress. But that’s not the only kind.

3 Kinds of Stress

We can separate stress into 3 main types:

  1. Chemical Stress is caused by our body’s reaction to what we put into it via eating, drinking and environmental exposure;
  2. Mechanical Stress is caused by tight, painful muscles that result in cycles of joint, bone and disc breakdown resulting in nerve tension.
  3. Emotional Stress is mainly caused by time pressure and pretty much all the mental pressures that come with life as a human being.

Each Kind of Stress Causes the Same Reaction in Crofton

Any of the 3 kinds of stress can cause the brain to set off the same chemical chain reaction in the body. If this reaction happens too frequently stress sucks too much oxygen out of us. This weakens our adrenal glands, resulting in abnormal blood sugar levels, The adrenal gland problem sets off a vicious cycle of problems in other organs, resulting in depleted oxygen and lots of other bad effects.

Top Crofton chiropractor explains if the oxygen supply in an area of the body is inadequate, organs and nutrients that are vital for running our body get depleted. Without the right amount of oxygen and nutrients our bodies can’t fire off the chemical reactions we need to produce enough healthy cells. This leaves us tired, exhausted and maybe even depressed/anxious etc. (More on this another time.)

Long-Term Stress Results In Disease

Eventually the more stress you have, the more likely that the body will turn on itself. Sneaky little genes can switch on autoimmune reactions and diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Some genetic conditions may be unavoidable, but the effects of many genetic problems can be decreased just by reducing stress. Grande Family Chiropractic wants to help you!

What To Do?

So what actions can we take? Try to reverse the stress process of course! At Grande Family Chiropractic, we can do things that increase the oxygen available to our bodies like:

  1. Drink plenty of water because water pours oxygen into your cells—remember the O in H2O is oxygen.
  2. Eat foods that don’t cause a lot of inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation sucks up oxygen. Eat more meat, fish and veggies. Eat less stuff that lists more than one ingredient on its packaging.
  3. Take vitamins and minerals to replace nutrients that stress robs from us. At the least take a high quality multivitamin with minerals, Omega-3 fish oil or flaxseed oil between 250-500 mg per day, and adequate Vitamin D. Check with your health professional about Vitamin D levels and testing. Most guidelines say limit to 600 IU daily if you are under 71 and under 800 if you are over 71. (Too much Vitamin D, E or K can harm you, so don’t just pound down these vitamins.)
  4. Limit caffeine. Ideally eliminate caffeine. This might be the fastest way to decrease the effects of stress, such as anxiety and insomnia. Caffeine causes stress every time it goes in your body.
  5. Exercise like walking, yoga and other more vigorous activities builds up your oxygen capacity.
  6. Let others help ease emotional stress. Remember the old saying, “a problem shared is a problem halved.” Along those lines research shows that prayer and meditation are shown to decrease stress.
  7. Bodywork like massage, acupuncture, laser, manipulation decreases mechanical stress.
  8. Rest!!! Remember your body repairs itself while you sleep at night, and you can also benefit from a 20-minute power nap in the daytime. This gives your body a chance to reboot mainly by normalizing blood sugar levels.

Each of us is a unique being, so let’s help ourselves and those near us and the world by expressing that uniqueness the best we can. Just keep moving in the direction of health. Remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Call our team at Grande Family Chiropractic in Crofton today!

Yours in Health,

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