How Can A Chiropractor in Crofton Help You?

How Can A Chiropractor in Crofton Help You?

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How Can I Help You?
by Dr. Nicholas A. Grande

This question is at the heart of what I am doing here today. Top Crofton chiropractor is writing this message to give you something that might help you. Here it is.

If you asked me what I’ve helped people with every day since I started practicing in an office on Montgomery Street in San Francisco in 1998, I’d have to say it is removing blockages and activating parts of the body that have been de-activated by stress. I turn on stuff that stress has turned off. That’s how I help people.

Stress can be physical (like tight muscle tugging on bones and nerves), chemical (like stress caused by inflammation from eating a food you are sensitive to like gluten for some people), or mental (thought patterns and situations that lead to the emotion of frustration for example—like a boss, co-worker, family member, neighbor from hell-- is a big one here).

So I can’t wave my Crofton Chiro wand and fix everything for you or for me, but I can do something right now to help us manage it. That’s a positive action we can take, right?

Okay, let’s do it then. Here’s a simple de-stressing exercise I learned from one of my teachers, Dr. Datis Kharrazian.  You can do this exercise anywhere, and it won’t take long.

Start from the top of your body and work your way down, contracting and releasing first your scalp muscles, then your face muscles, then your ears (can you do it, I can, ask me next time you see me and I will show you how! I was taught how by my best friend Richard Ross’ older brother Chuck when I was 6 years old).

Then your neck, shoulders arms, fingers. Keep on working your way down your body until you’ve contracted and released as many muscles as you can. Do this 2-3 times while taking long breaths.

That’s it. Once you do that teach it to someone else as fast as you can, because another great way to decrease stress according to research is to help someone else. In fact it just might save your life!

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