Sciatica Series Part 1: Overcoming Sciatic Pain in Crofton

SCIATICA SERIES PART 1: Overcoming Sciatic Pain in Crofton

Chiropractic Crofton MD Sciatic Nerve

You think to yourself, “I hate my commute because my butt hurts when I sit”, or “how can I retire early because my butt hurts when I sit?”.  “I can’t walk my dog because of the leg pain I get when I walk.” “I can’t walk with my friends anymore because of the pain.” “How can I go on that big vacation with my whole family if I can’t walk without pain.” “I can’t vacuum or do the dishes without pain.” “I can’t sit on the couch to watch a movie because of the leg pain.”

That’s a lot of “can’ts”. Before long your life is full of “can’ts” and maybe even guilt, frustration, maybe even depression and anxiety creeps up on you because you can’t clean your personal space/enjoy yourself/hang out with your buddies/work/commute because that little old devil in the middle of your butt cheek yells at you when you do.

It’s at this point that maybe bad stuff starts to happen to some people: the dreaded sedentary lifestyle, distractions like web-surfing, increased inflammation and pain from lack of movement, self-medication with food, over the counter drugs that zone you out, and who knows what else.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica in Crofton MD

Maybe you try your family doctor who sends you to an orthopedist who sends you to physical therapy and pain management even a chiropractor, and then on a sunny Saturday you wind up in the ER. They give you Toradol, an injection of Fentanyl and maybe if you’re very lucky they send you home with a short supply of hydrocodone (PAs and MDs have had the daylights scared out of them about prescribing opiates, so lots of people are walking around pain these days)-- and of course Flexeril. You go home, look at that couch and cry. You’ve hit bottom, there’s only one thing left to do: Google the keyword “sciatica”.

Now that scenario might not fit you exactly, but it’s one I have heard all or pieces of through the years.

Now’s the part when I tell you not to worry, you’ve come to the right place and I am the guru who is going to fix you.

But, to be exact, I am not going to fix you, you are going to fix you, as long as I and/or another provider working with me can: unblock what’s messing you up, heal the stuff that got wrecked and then turn the whole system back on. Then it’s up to you to keep your forever-altered system chugging along at something between 90- 100%, but without the everyday pain, frustration, hopelessness or limitation in activity.

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