Sciatica Series Part 3: The Unusual Suspects of Sciatica in Crofton

SCIATICA SERIES PART 3: The Unusual Suspects of Sciatica in Crofton

Chiropractic Crofton MD Sciatica Pain

So, you’re looking for an answer for your sciatica pain in Crofton, and maybe you’ve read previous articles on sciatica that contained a lot of stuff you’ve heard before.

Maybe you’ve been to your family doctor/orthopedist/ neurologist/rheumatologist/pain management doctor/physical therapist/ massage therapists/chiropractor/acupuncturist/gym trainer/taken glucosamine/msm/herbs/vitamins, and now you are still reading this. What information can I give you that is different? Keep reading.

Overcoming Sciatic Pain in Crofton MD

Like I said before, I have been wrestling with my patients’ sciatica pain for years. I’ve had a touch of it myself, but even though I have had almost all of the problems I treat in my patients, I can’t say I’ve had a lot of problems with sciatica, which is the pain in your butt that runs down the middle of the thigh and lower leg, with a little back pain thrown in maybe.

I mention that I’ve been working on sciatica for 20+ years at Grande Family Chiropractic, not so much as to brag about some hyped-up awesome mastery of the treatment of this problem, but to let you know that I’m not just a professional writer working for an online media marketing company that was hired to ghostwrite this series of blogs about sciatica. I have hundreds of hours of trial and error sciatica treatment that went into the observations and study I am drawing on for this article.

Okay, I got all of that out of the way—more blah, blah, blah, right?

So since you’ve been reading this patiently I will now blurt out 5 key concepts that are behind the persistence of sciatica, and which are probably not what you would read about in most other people’s sciatica blogs, if any others at all:

  1. Gap  junctions
  2. Satellite glial cell activation
  3. Pro-inflammatory cytokines
  4. A and C fiber nerve conduction
  5. Connective tissue conformational change.

In the next article in this series I will explain my working theory about the connection between sciatica pain and the 5 key concepts above that I just introduced. I think these 5 concepts give a fuller understanding of the problem, and have proven to be reliable guides for me in the successful treatment of many sciatica cases in Crofton.


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