The Strategy I Use to Decrease Whiplash Pain

The Strategy I Use to Decrease Whiplash Pain

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Crofton Chiropractor Nicholas Grande explains his strategy to decrease whiplash pain.

Most Whiplash victim’s #1 complaint is crazy painful stiffness in the neck and back.

The main reason for this is a combination of inflammation and “inhibition” in the injured muscles.

“Inhibition” is something most patients and probably a lot of doctors don’t know much about.

Inhibition is the reason your neck and back gets stiff as a board after a car accident, if you are lucky. I say that because you are lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call it if you survive a car accident.

You survived, you’re reading this now, so let’s make the best of a tough situation a.s.a.p. That’s my attitude.

Inhibition is where inflammation from torn and stretched cells in the muscles, ligaments and bones causes inflammation that sucks up oxygen and burns up muscle energy causing myosin to get stuck to the actin in your muscles. I probably just lost you there. Please hang in there with me for a minute.

Then for some reason that science doesn’t fully understand, the muscle loses its normal tone and then it loses it’s normal connection to the part of the brain that controls it.

The muscle gets stiff. Every movement causes a vicious sharp pain that doesn’t just go away overnight.

I could write a huge post explaining the science behind all that, or I could give you the short story.

The short story is this: The muscles hurt because their connection to the brain is “turned off”. The quickest way to feeling better and getting your whiplash to heal well is to turn the muscles on again.

Through 20 years and thousands of patient visits I have found that the best strategy to getting a patient back to “happy”, is to turn on the turned-off muscles.

I want to help you do that, even if you never see the inside of my humble office.


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